Choir Council

   The Choir Council is made up of seven officers, four section leaders , four assistant section leaders, eight Chorale section leaders, six appointed officers, and seven choir representatives (one from each choir class). Officers are elected in June of the previous year; all section leaders and assistants are appointed after submitting an application in June of the previous year.

   Elections for all class representatives will be held in early September. Choir members interested in serving as class reps must submit a letter to the Roxbury choir directors and the rest of the choir describing themselves and their ideas for the choir program. All officers and representatives are expected to attend all Choir Council meetings, which will be held on the first Wednesday of every month at 2:15 p.m. The Choir Council must be present at all "volunteer" activities such as days of fundraiser distribution, social events, all choir school activities, and any reception events. The Choir Council is expected to devote extra time and energy to the choir and fulfill all office obligations. 

* 2016-2017 Choir Interns*


Choir Managers:

 President:  Jade Delos Santos

Vice - President: Lauren Brinkman

Treasurer: Matthew Stone

Secretary: Matthew Reingold

Librarian: Alex Bartlett

Assistant Librarian: Zoe Karpman

Sound Manager: Jeff Tallman 

Assistant Sound Manager: Joe Bohrer 

Logistics: Brian Day

Assistant Logistics: Michael O'Connor

Web Manager:  Hannah Kennedy

Publicity: Deanna Burns


Soprano Section Leader: Lauren Brinkman

Soprano Assistant: Danielle Wachter

Alto Section Leader: Ciera Scire

Alto Assistant: Jade Delos Santos 

Tenor Section Leader:  Jon Luzniak

Tenor Assistant:  Jake Bedel-Franklin

Bass Section Leader: Richard Rohlfs

Bass Assistant: Ryan Leibowitz

Student Accompanists: Joel LaManna

Upcoming Events

No upcoming events

Contact Number#

For information on any choir event or activity throughout the year, please feel free to call the


(973) 584-1200 ext. 1250